Grassroots organizing is the foundation and lifeblood of any viable social movement. But for organizations on the ground to reach their goals and create the impact that is both necessary and possible, they often need advocacy support. That is why the Grassroots Action Support Team was created. 

Addressing critical issues

We work with grassroots organizations, labor unions, and community coalitions in all regions of the country, focusing on campaigns that address critical issues facing low-income communities and communities of color. Among the types of campaigns we engage in are the following:

  • Addressing mass incarceration and promoting justice reinvestment;
  • Dismantling the school-to-prison pipeline;
  • Preventing public school closures and the privatization of education;
  • Eliminating anti-immigrant policies and promoting the fair treatment of immigrants;
  • Expanding access to high-quality pre-K; and
  • Securing living wages for all workers.

"One-Stop-Shop" for meeting grassroots  advocacy Needs

Whether it is conducting research, developing and implementing advocacy strategies, analyzing and drafting laws and policies, negotiating with policymakers, or developing and implementing communications strategies, we provide our partners with the most comprehensive and highest quality on-the-ground support.  Moreover, all of our work is designed not only to meet our partners’ short-term needs, but also to enhance their long-term capacity and build their organizational power.

respectful, behind-the-scenes support

The Grassroots Action Support Team approach has been honed by supporting grassroots organizers all across the country for well over a decade. We recognize that our role is not to start or lead campaigns or movements; it is to help our partners achieve their goals and elevate grassroots leadership.